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Document Processing

Our AI-powered document processing engine can read and respond to any document, create documents for any process, and comes with a dashboard for your team

Mitigate Risk, Save Time

Domos offers an end-to-end solution for COIs and homeowners insurance compliance. Domos takes care of the collection, review process, renewal reminders and compliance resolution

Homeowners Insurance Monitoring and  Management Platform

Ensuring Compliance and Adequate Coverage

Ensure that all residents comply with the insurance requirements set by the board and mitigate the risks associated with inadequate coverage.

Streamline and Automate Processes

Reduce the workload of property managers and board members by automating the monitoring process, and focus on other important aspects of building management

Proactive and Continuous Monitoring

Proactive reminders and follow-up notices to residents about their insurance renewal and compliance status. Continuous monitoring ensures that insurance coverage is always current and adequate.

For Insurers & Property Managers

Win business and boost retention by providing insurance tracking services to your insureds. Offer monitoring only or add your own compliance review and policy renewal service.


Faster review and follow up process


Reduction in under insurance risk

24 Hours

Average account onboarding time. No integration required

"Adopting Domos' solution has significantly reduced the time and effort we spend on insurance compliance. Automated reminders and detailed reports are particularly helpful, ensuring we're always up-to-date without being overwhelmed."

Tracey H., Property Owner

Seamless Proof Submission

COIs and insurance policy declarations page can be uploaded directly to Domos in just two clicks

Effortless Compliance Reminders

Say goodbye to manual tracking! Automated reminders are sent to homeowners ahead of their policy renewal dates

Proactive Expiration Notifications

Receive instant alerts on expired policies or insufficient coverage for swift action and intervention

Custom Monitoring

We set the specific compliance rules and thresholds to match your governing documents

Transparent Pricing

Billed annually. Free for existing Domos users

Effortless Automation

Streamline the entire process with our user-friendly platform. From reminders to notifications, everything operates seamlessly in the background, freeing up time for more critical building matters

Take your property management to the next level with Domos. Our AI-powered platform helps simplify the management process and improve operational efficiency.

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