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Understanding Homeowners Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide for Condo and Coop Boards

Managing your property, whether it's for condos, co-ops, or other types of housing, involves various intricate details - one of the most critical being homeowners insurance. Ensuring that every resident has an up-to-date policy is essential, but understanding the nuances can be complex. In this post, we will simplify the concept of homeowners insurance, why it's important, and how it works.

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What is Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance is a form of property insurance that covers losses and damages to an individual's house and assets in the home. It typically provides liability coverage against accidents in the home or on the property.

For condos and co-ops, homeowners insurance often includes a loss assessment coverage. This particular coverage can help pay your share of the repairs if common areas suffer damage that your HOA's insurance doesn't fully cover.

Why is Homeowners Insurance Important?

Homeowners insurance is important for several reasons:

  • Financial Protection: It provides financial relief if a disaster occurs that damages the building or its contents.

  • Liability Coverage: It covers legal expenses if a lawsuit arises due to property-related incidents.

  • Lender Requirement: Most mortgage lenders require proof of homeowners insurance.

For condo and co-op boards, ensuring all unit owners have adequate homeowners insurance helps protect the financial health of the community.

How Does Homeowners Insurance Work?

Homeowners insurance operates on an annual policy that must be renewed. The homeowner pays a premium, usually monthly, in return for coverage.

In the event of damage or loss, the owner files a claim with their insurance company. Depending on the policy's terms, the company may pay for repair costs, replacement costs, or the actual cash value of the damaged property.

However, homeowners insurance doesn't cover all types of damage. Policies typically exclude factors like floods and earthquakes, necessitating separate coverage.

Co-ops and condos present a unique scenario where individual and collective responsibilities blend. It’s crucial for owners to understand their policy, and for the board to ensure all units have valid, up-to-date insurance.


Understanding homeowners insurance is an essential aspect of property management, especially for condos and co-ops. It not only ensures the financial stability of the homeowners but also of the entire community.

At Domos, we're committed to simplifying the operation of building management. Our platform helps monitor homeowners insurance compliance, allowing easy upload and verification of Certificates of Insurance (COI), and sending reminders for updates when needed. Managing insurance compliance is just one way Domos is making property management more streamlined and efficient.

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For more information about how Domos can help streamline your property management operations, please get in touch with us.



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