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Self-Management Platform

Simple and Modern Management Platform

Ideal for small and medium Condos, Co-ops and HOAs

Building Management Platform

Better Financial Tools

Collect and manage payments, review expenses, access cash flow in real-time, and identify trends. 

Domos makes it easy for board members to control the financial health of their association

Digitize Your Building

Document storage, package delivery notifications, maintenance management - and many other tools that would improve your residents' experience

User-Friendly and Modern

Domos' platform puts the user experience first. No training is needed, with 24/7 support for any questions

Ideal for Condos, Co-ops and HOAs

Unlike many other platforms, Domos is built for associations first. Board members, homeowners, and the property managers who serve them are always our main customers


Resident satisfaction.

24 Hours

Average account onboarding time.

2 Hours

Time saved each week by board members and property managers.

Document Management

Centralize and track all your documents in one place.

Cash Flow & Transactions Review

Access all your bank accounts from one place, get live updates and review transactions.

Maintenance Management

Residents can effortlessly create work requests, while superintendents are instantly notified. All tracked and recorded.

Package Delivery

Simplify the process of receiving, tracking, and notifying residents about their packages and deliveries.

Centralized Communication

From sending updates to residents. to project management, to community forums. All communication happens in one place.

Online Voting

Modernizes the voting process for building communities, enhancing participation and ensuring that every vote is safe and counted.

“We were wasting hours of time sifting through emails, to do lists and agendas. Domos streamlines all of that, which provides more time for our board to proactively manage the condo.”

Tracey H., Board member

Take your property management to the next level with Domos. Our AI-powered platform helps simplify the management process and improve operational efficiency.

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