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AI-Powered Virtual Assistant

A personal assistant that helps property managers improve operational efficiency

Save Time, Improve Response Time, Delegate to a Personal Assistant

A 24/7 AI-powered assistant transforming property management with streamlined operations, enhanced communication, and proactive maintenance

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Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Streamline daily property management tasks such as scheduling, document handling, and maintenance coordination. Boost efficiency to allow property managers to focus on strategic aspects of their work.

24/7 Resident Support

Round-the-clock assistance to residents addressing their concerns and queries at any time, including meeting coordination, instant access to necessary documents, and maintenance support.

Proactive Maintenance Tracking

Simplify maintenance tracking by offering alternative methods of communication such as email, phone and SMS, while ensuring that all information is properly collected and tracked.

Customizable Assistant

Our assistant can be customized to each property management scenario and community needs. From communication protocols, document access rules, and maintenance request requirements, our assistant can be tailored to your specific needs.


Of the requests handled without property manager involvement

1 Hour

Average time saved
by property managers every day


Residents satisfaction rate

Access From Everywhere

Access through email or SMS, no need to install any app or log in

Extended Knowledge Base

Connect your documents, PMS data, CRM information to provide answers to most questions and requests from residents

24/7 Availability

Respond to residents and solve their issues outside of working hours. Most of the communication happens after 5pm and during the weekend

Visit Coordination

Outsource visit coordination for supers, vendors, and service providers

Service Requests

Collect information, provide status updates, and interact with residents during off-hours and weekends

Amenity Booking

Allow 24/7 amenities booking, use customized policies, and follow up with necessary forms and documentation

"Implementing Domos' AI assistant was one of the best decisions we've made. 60% of our residents communicate with us after work hours, and Domos takes care of most of it. My team is much happier and can focus on bigger picture strategies.

David Z., Director of Property Management

Take your property management to the next level with Domos. Our AI-powered assistant helps simplify the management process and improve operational efficiency.

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